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Kyuubey hat pattern by ninjapet Kyuubey hat pattern by ninjapet
Ok, it's what a few of you have been waiting for, the patterns I used to make my Kyuubey hat!

So here's how it's done

the beanie hat pattern you need to fold your fabric twice, follow the pattern for cut out. straight stitch the side of the left edge and the right edge make sure to ziig zag over so it won't come undone.

Sew those two edges together and you'll have the base of the hat. sew the top edges cutting if need be for allowance. Make sure to zig zag over.

fold the opening to how ever much you want the rim of the hat, straight stitch than zig zag for a nice finish.

You now have a beanie hat! yay

Ok for the ears, cut out two ears with pink fabric, and two with white. Cut out 4 long ear pieces with white fabric, cut 4 end ear pieces with pink fabric. The dark pink dots were made using my thumb as a guide for size.

Sew the pink inner ear to the white inner ear leaving an opening at the base of the ear. flip the ear right side out so the seems don't show.

Pin the outer pink end ear to the long ear piece sew the edges together cutting any extra fabric near the sem. Repeat on the other three.

Now, sew around the outside of the ear, sewing two long ear pieces together, leaving an opening at the top of the piece. Flip right side out so your sems don't show. repeat for the other piece. Once right side out, sew on the dark pink dots, hand sewing works best!

You can sew the ears on anyway you like to the hat, but the best way to do that is to cut two small holes in the beanie hat and put the open edges to the ears through the hole so the ears are showing. Sew on the inside, hand sewing works best btw.

If you followed all this you should have a kyuubey hat now!

btw please do not sell the hats you make from this. I don't want to get in to legal trouble over the whole copyrighted character thing.

Kyuubey (c) Shaft animation
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LEXicon712 Featured By Owner May 5, 2011
Your head will make a contract with this. :3
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Yaaaaaaay ilu
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